Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Raging hormones

Yesterday midnight, I had the peak of my raging-hormones days in which my emotions where all unexplainable. Suddenly, I missed Wai Meng very much. It ws so bad that I was tossing and turning during bedtime. At 1am, I was still unable to sleep. I tried to reach him on the mobile, but was told that he's still in the hospital. Like I said, I've changed and became more appreciative since our last b.i.g. arguement. And so, I was ok with it. No fuss. No anger. No frustration. Just my brain telling myself to go to bed.

Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to fall asleep. My head was filled with all our memories together. Thanks to my W910i (sayang sangat.. mwah!), I was singing Cao-Geh and Lee-Hom's songs. Good thing Daddie was sound asleep. Or else he'll think that our new home is haunted by a totally-can't-falsetto (Lee Hom) and totally-can't-rubato (Cao Geh) ghost: me.

Surprisingly, Wai Meng called me when I was feeling shitty over my totally-failed-falsetto while singing Lee-Hom's song. He was back from the hospital. So we went on skype. When I saw him, my tears streamed (!!!!!!). I couldn't explain it! It scared him for a while, but he became convinced as I explained it to be one of my dunno-why cries. When he tried to comfort me, my tears poured (???!!!). He patiently asked me to stop. After some time of talking we paused for a while, and my tears-pipeline leaked again (.....).

Although I blamed it on my raging hormones, but I guess I subconsciously felt that it's not easy to maintian a long-distance relationship. It's difficult to not being able to be physically there for each other, and it's even more difficult to not being able to receive immediate reply due to our 7hours difference.

Dear has been really supportive in comforting me until his housemate reminded him about their muscle-pumping mission. Guess what, he chose MUSCLES over me! Muscles!! Muscles!!! Looking at the bright side, all the sniffing and the nose-clearing worn me out enough to put me straight to bed after.

Dear, we shall survive through this together.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

HKL medical checkup in 2hours

I'd actually finished the entire required process of both submitting X2 urine samples and taking chest x-ray within 2 hours in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). Amazing huh??!!

Well prepared, all in a bag: 1.5bottle (in case of dehydration); CLEO magazine (expected to last 2 hours); Last Empress (expected to last 1 hour, since almost finishing); The Kite Runner (backup in case have exhausted all light reading material); MP3; apple; Jacob's biscuit (in case kiasu-ism kicks in during lunch time); Polo mint.

I had expected for the worst when it comes to imagining how this day will turn out to be. That's because I was already equipped with all the bad impression about turning to ANY government hospitals for their services. But hey, I can't be blamed for this stereotypical impression, right? Not only I heard of this from other friends who were subjected to 4-5hours of waiting for a full set of body check up, but I was suggested this date (14th Oct) to do my check up when I called the hospital 5 weeks ago. Yes... 5 weeks. But surprisingly, the whole process was accomplished rather quickly: only 2 hours! I didn't even manage to finish my biscuit, nor to touch my mp3 at all! Not to mention not being able to touch both my novels at all, since I barely was able to flip through CLEO.
I started my day at 7am, and left the house at 7.15am. Afraid of the possibility of overcrowding, I aimed to reach HKL at 7.45am. However, the usual morning rush hour jam made me reach at 8.15am. With my ZERO knowledge of the directions in HKL, i walked from the infamous pink gynae block to the main block. Lucky for me, my doubts led me into the information department en route to the main block. The friendly lady-staff made my jaws dropped as she advised me to proceed to the orange building (Wisma Kayu) BEHIND the pink gynae block. i.e. I had to go back to where I started!!!! Without much concern in upholding my c.h.a.r.m... I said "huhhhhh!!!"
Well, look at the bright side, at least I'm now going to the right place. To my surprise, I was the 3rd patient at the Medical check-up department in Wisma Kayu. When I was done filling in all forms, it took another 5 minutes-waiting for my turn. I mean, I didn't even manage to flip open my CLEO!
Inside the room, there was a male officer waiting for me. As if I was the little-worm in his brain, he expected me to know that he was going to measure my height and weight. (!!!!) Feeling dumb, I went on. And again, as if I was living inside his brain, he expected me to know that he was going to test my eye side. (Come on man, communicate!) Conducted highly unprofessionally, he told me that it's time to change my contact lenses. OUCH!! When it came to testing my eyesight for colour blindness, he flipped the pages so fast that it was too soon for me to comprehend the alphabets! sigh... Glad I passed. Imagine if tiba-tiba he go say I'm "b.u.t.a. w.a.r.n.a.",how how how??
After that, the officer told me to prepare two urine samples: One for submission at the Medical check-up dep; while Another for submision back at the Main Block. (!!!!!!!!!) That was definitely another "HUUUUU!!" of the day. But, Thank god the chest x-ray was to be conducted in the Main Block too.
Oh yeah... I was THIS close to being naked, infront of 5 male and 1 female radiologists . *depression* The guys was comfortably standing in the radiographing-area when I came out of the dressing room in the white robe. From his body language, he was seriously clueless about my awkward-self! As if it's so difficult to guess la!
I'm just glad that I've got this done now. PHEW! In return, I rewarded myself with Connaught McD drivethru's ice cream!! Finished that before I reached home. *mmmmmmm* *burp!* YAY! (this close to being buta warna, and was told to change contact lenses)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Blessed birthdays (continued)

22nd Sept midnight: Tonnes of calls and messages poured in. Thanks ppl. MWAHHHHH.

23rd Sept (actual day): Birthday celebration #4: Meeting up with Hazel and Angeline.

Thanks Hazel: She gave me a really cute birthday-bear. Thanks gal. *hugz*

I had early dinner (supposed to be tea, actually) with Hazel. She was so sweet to have came from BoonX2's (Hazel's honey) place in Klang to wish my birthday. I had no plans on that day as everyone pre-celebrated with me. In fact, I was supposed to leave for Muar on my birthday night, as there will be a prayers ceremony on the following day to commemorate the 100th day since Grandma's passing away. So I went on with the plan . Minus the part that I waited for her for 1.5 hours reading my Last Empress of China, the meeting was fun la. Later, Angeline even joined us for a short chit chat.

From left: Hazel, Me, Angeline.

30th Sept: Birthday celebration #5: 5* Fine-dining experience in Baan Rim Pa restaurant, Phuket.
We enjoyed the most authentic Thai food overlooking Patong Beach as the restaurant was located above the cliff. LyeKhuan, PeiShan, WenYan and Chris were so sweet to have suggested a sunset-dining as my belated birthday celebration (but was on dutch ... larhhh.....) Well it LyeKhuan's idea initially as she stumbled upon a website that highly recommended sunset-dining in Phuket. It was supposed to be another restaurant that carries the white-theme. But dunno what happened larh..... we couldn't reach the restaurant despite countless calling-attempts. Thanks to Miss Thidarat of Deevana Patong Resort & Spa, we were suggested to make a reservation at this restaurant instead.

Check this out!

Before sunset: We were chauffer-driven to the restaurant. The waitress sort of gave up on asking us for drinks orders after being turned down several times as we were busy cam-whoring.

Baan Rim Pa lived up to its name of "home of the cliff" as the restaurant took the setting of the previous holiday-home of its American owner. That night, we simply enjoyed the Patong beach's calming breeze and romantic candle lights. It was a classical example of great food & good company (albeit the extremely small serving). Price was also pure-classic: What do you expect from a restaurant who charges small soup-bowl-sized of green curry for 320Baht; while fried noodle for 250Baht; and mineral water for 45Baht??????? What were were thinking la since most of the clients there were mat-salehs????

Chris's 3rd shot on the 2sec-timer: Thanks chris =)

Ultimate Cam-whore skills: Lye Khuan looks like fish from this angle.....

Alcohol taking-effect: From left, WenYan (ooo.... you face looks so small!), Pei Shan (thinks she released her pouty-lips), Me (after my strawberry margarita), and LyeKhuan (who... really... is usually not like this. And yet she claims that her pinna colada has ZERO alcohol!)

Thanks everyone for giving me such a special 23rd bday celebrations. I love ya all lotssss!!! *mwahhhhh* Just when I thought I'm the luckiest girl around, Dear dear's bday card which took-4weeks-to-arrive has finally arrived!! It was 4pm when I saw the card in my post box. Just when I was reading it, his call came. I mean.. what are the odds??????!!! I spent the rest of day/night grinning at the card. Thanks dear. Although this is the first year that I'm spending birthday without your physical presence, but you'll always have a place in my heart.

Virtual presence: Really lovely birthday card from Dear dear. that's two super-fat elephant couple with a....... M.O.U.S.E.?? (Yeah... I screamed to him)

Birthday messages that kept me grinning all night long.... (mom shook her head; dad was speechless)
I'm really lucky to have such sweet family, friends and partner. God bless ya all.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Blessed birthday(S)

Warning: Super long post.

Thanks to all my beloved family and friends, I had X5 days of celebrations for my 23rd bday.

Celebration #1: 19th Sept, Friday: IMU gang.

Had Nando's for lunch on Friday. Guess what, Ming (expected), XinYin (pushing it larh that gal!), SuAnn (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) had extra hot peri peri!! Wat dah... and there was once in Glasgow where SuAnn said (dengan offended-nya)

Su Ann: "huh! How can you compare my threshold to Ah Fhern's??!!"

So ouch!! Luckily i had Kah Yee there. So Kah Yee (my gang) + sore throat= Lemon and Herb. As for me, I regained my dignity by, at least, uplifting myself to Mild Peri-peri.

Sweet surprise: Our birthday celebration was made sweeter by our gifted Su Ann's handmade clay-cupcakes =)

After lunch, I told everyone that I felt like eating Baskin Robbins. So the rest was like... "ohhh!". After we left Nando's, XinYin pretended to be on the phone, followed by excusing herself to go meet her friends for a while. Since Kah Yee and SuAnn were left with me and Ming, they guided the way. But they conveniently bypassed Baskin Robbins. HEY!!!! As if me and Ming aren't MidValley experts larh!!!

We went straight to the cinema floor, where they again, conveniently marched towards La Manila.

Cake-cutting at La Manila: Thanks darlings! Really touched by the hang-out. =)

Plan blew #1: XinYin was caught ordering cakes in La Manila.

- so I wanted to go tease Xinyin by asking if her friend works La Manila. Kah Yee (taekwando black-belt) pulled me back.

Plan blew #2: When we were seated at the table, a frail, spoiler Malay waitress came and said "u want the cake now?"

Have to act surprised: Thanks to miss. spoiler-waitress.

So there you go. Our not-so-surprising-yet-still-heart-warming bday celebration by Xinyin, Suann and Kahyee. Thanks dears!

Celebration #2: 20th Sept, Saturday: Family and relatives.
I celebrated with parents, relatives and cousins. Mom bought me a Black Forest cake from Nikko Hotel. Thanks to my cousin who works as a banquet manager there, we get all Nikko cakes at staff price! *evil grin* We had a simply dinner with relatives from mom's side, like our usual saturday outings for dinner followed by coffee-sessions at my place. Friends who know my family well will understand the indisputable relationship between us & coffee. After that, we had a simply cake-cutting session.

I'm sooooo greedy: I was wishing KUAT KUAT during cake-cutting, so much so that family lost patience and said "faster blow the candle larh!"

One big happy family (minus bro): Thanks daddy mommy!

All the girls in one pic! From left: Samantha (cousin); mommy; Yee Mah (mom's sister); Kao Mou; me; & poh poh.

Celebration #3: 21st Sept: Dear dear's parents.
I celebrated birthday with dear dear’s parents. Coincidently, his father’s birthday is on the 22nd Sept, just one day before mine. For the past years, we’ve been combining both celebrations. But this is the first year with dear’s absence. It felt comfortable, until Aunty gave me my bday pressie: TAh DAHHHHHH!!

What a big surprise: Not only it's pink, but it also has a PINK SHINNY RIBBON on its ear! Apparently the giftshop-uncle encouraged her to get a bearbear for a 23 year old.... hhhhhhhhm..... Nevertheless, it's really comfy... geh....

We had seafood for dinner: Alaskan king crab, mantis prawn and soon-hock fish. After that, both me and uncle shared a Nikko's strawberry cheesecake as our birthday cake. We skyped with dear dear for about 1 hour, followed by L.I.V.E. cake-cutting session with his virtual-presence.

(to be continued.....)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

I'm such a KL girl... shopping!!!

Ladies-crowd: Risked my reputation as shopping-girl in order to snap this pic!

"Isetan... Isetan... SALE! Isetan... Isetannn.... SALE!!!" I went to Isetan midvalley's presale on previous friday (19th Sept). After one year being absent to no-life-and-cold-cold Glasgow, I've almost forgotten those days where me and aunt will wait infront of Isetan KLCC at 9.45am on presale day. FIY Isetan opens at 10am. So I did it again. But, because it's my first time in Isetan Midvalley, I've reached at 9.55am instead. Although the door was not opened yet, but the ladies-crowd were already Q-ing up outside.

OK I admit... I faked the enthusiasm. In fact, I've stopped having the enthusiasm for shopping ever since returning from Glasgow. I've tried very hard. At Pavillion, I've tried the OOHHHHH AAAARHHHH!! At KLCC, I've also tried the OOHHHHH ARRRHHHH. The more I shop here, the more I realised that KL-shopping is expensive and fugly!

Sigh I really missed those days where I used to get some clothes at 1 pound. Yupp... 1 pound! That happens when stores are desperately trying to clear summer dresses and tops during the winter. Wakakakak!

Looks like if I continue my mentality, I'll need to turn to banana trees for their leaves!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

thrown aback

Ok I admit to be one of those people who takes things for granted. And in my case, all my friends who knew me well would definitely agree that I'm a thrash when it comes to taking Wai Meng for granted.

Now that he's back in Dundee, I realized how much I missed those days where I can easily be in contact with him:-

Back then, I won't even care if we spent enough time catching up on our day. Really! Yeah I know.. RUBBISH right?

Back then, I'll think that it's only natural that he calls/sms back almost immediately unless he's on call in the hospital. Since the on-call days are relatively rare, I tend to watch my beloved YouTube and Crunchyroll and then later send him a message to say "dear, how are you there?" See the lack of gratitude there? Yeah I know.... Super RUBBISH right?

Back then, Alicia would alarm me when Wai Meng calls on me on the phone when we were watching Britain's Got Talent's George Sampson. *me exclaiming: oooooo... wahhhh.... wow!!! go tiger!! ROAR! the world is yours!!! * Obviously back then, my reaction towards Wai Meng's call was "oh... it's ok la! I'll call him back later." I mean... How can anyone not watch this??! So, I, literally, ran away from the call. Yeah I know... Super RUBBISH right?

Back then, I'll only talk to Wai Meng when it was convenient to me. Like.. I'll call or message him only whenever I'm in the room; or after I've came back from the freezing Argyll street; or after I've taken my aunty-stroll to Aldi; Yet he was always there for me.

Imagine, I've even scolded during his departure back to UK when he calls me at intervals of 30minutes since his arrival in the airport until the official departure. His departure night coincidently clashed with my girls' sleepover night with Pei Shan, Lye Khuan, and Yi Wen. So I didn't send him off. R.U.B.B.I.S.H. right? My justification is that, both being important persons in my life, Wai Meng is leaving back to UK on Friday night while Yi Wen is leaving back to Aussie on Saturday night. So since I've accompanied Wai Meng for the past few weeks, religiously, it only makes sense that I bid propert farewell to my friend whom I wasn't able to spend much time with during her short trip back to Malaysia. A sleepover is the best answer. But if i sent Wai Meng off, I won't be allowed to go home because his parents thinks that it's too late and dangerous for a girl to drive back from Selayang to Cheras. So, I chose Yi Wen.

Parting with him from his home was very difficult. It was more difficult than I'd imagined. The strangest feelings overcame me. It was those type of sadness where even at a glance of him sores my heart. It didn't take a second for my tears to start streaming down. I don't remember such feelings when he sent me off to Glasgow during 5th June of last year. Perhaps I knew that he'll be joining me there soon. Perhaps I had the support of so many friends. I don't know for sure, but I know I'm facing this separation all by myself. He responded to my tears by his own stream of tears too. Wai Meng? Stream of tears? Last I remembered, he's those who will laugh about everything: from the happy moments of eating Kit Kat during the freezing winter; to the funny clips on YouTube; and even to the poor uncle who got his leg amputated in due to diabetes complications. I used to pinch him so hard when he starts laughing about pitiful people. But seeing his tears on that night sored my heart more. I remember jumping out from the car even when my engine is all ready to go and his parents are ready to open the auto-gate after my car has left their porch. I didn't care. Finally, I gathered all my might and left him. I drove away with my vision constantly blurred. I called him when I was about X3 streets away, and broke down. Good thing I kind of lost my way after, and that gave me the chance to focus on the road again. But when I was on the main road again, tears streamed uncontrollably.

Woooo: I didn't realize my W910i catches such good quality pic even upon uploading onto the comp! Wah... puffy eyes =) Wah.. details!
Wah.. sparkling eyes like those in anime!

I wasn't really myself during the sleepover, as evidenced by lack of directions for chaos when my friends were all here in my place. I was feeling tired from all emotional torment. This didn't last long, especially after a series of informal-encouragement from my parents and friends.

blankly "Dad and Mom: Haiyah!!! Small thing la!! 1 year only mah!! got skype marh!!"
blankly "Friends: Haiyah!!!!!! You both have been together for so long! What's the problem larh!"

Immediate recovery: Happy sleepover night= fab girls (From left: LK, YW, PS, and me!) + Midnight maggie mee + Midnight McD delivery + fast fast slurping up the melting-cornetto-sundae + gossips + mahjong (Yiwen's idea) + truth or dare over the mahjong game + suckers (Yi Wen) who look for excuses for not telling juicy bits even after losing in the game + Pei Shan choosing to konk out at 3pm + 4 person squeezing on my bed + everyone complaining that my room is like a fridge.

So THESE plus a few more calls from Wai Meng, I soon recovered from the torment after 2 hours. So much so that I snapped off at him when he called me X3 times from the aircraft before it board. During the final call, I said "heyyy why u call me so many times la!! I don't know what to say already!" I'm such an ultimate T.H.R.A.S.H.

After he's gone, I realized how much I missed him. I was already missing him on the final day where I decided to make him a handmade scrapbook to accompany him throughout the flight. It was a book about his short 6-weeks trip back to Singapore and Malaysia. Within these short time, although having to attend to his elective attachments to both NUH (National Univeristy Hospital, Singapore) and Hospital Selayang, we still managed to gain so many memories together. As I was compiling that book, I reminisced about the memories, but it hit me real hard when I see his suitcase gaining content as Wai Meng frantically tried to pack 1-day before leaving.

In fact, I've been in denial about the possibility of the arrival of this day since the day he announced that Dundee University has accepted his application, about 3 years ago. So the reality hit me like a lightning that sounds "haha sucker!! Time to wake up! Who ask you to keep running away from this and didn't appreciated Wai Meng as if there's no tomorrow?" My lifestyle changed entirely after his leaving back to the UK, which later gave me an indigestion problem probably due to lack of sleep and sudden change in meal times. It's only been 1 week, and yet I could feel myself stretching in order to accommodate to him. I wake up at 6am (his 11pm) to say good night to him. After the chat, I'll be fully awake and start rotting around the house. I would then wait for him at my 2pm (his 7am) to say good morning to him. Subsequently, I'll loiter around or help mom to boil soup or to do some gardening. Since I'm not a nap-person, I started to feel like a zombie at the beginning of 3rd day. My mind and body was tired, but I couldn't sleep. Later, I lost my appetite. I would be gearing up til midnight (his 5pm) when he's just got back from the hospital. When we finished talking at about 1am, I'll sleep and wake up at 6am again.

Me? Gardening? : so to lengthen my mom's orchid's lifespan, I took the effort to check online on how to repot orchids the right now. you wanna know how?? Check this out!

My wait didn't turn as fruitful as it was before especially when his schedule started to pick up. So I remember myself showing tantrum on friday, and latest was yesterday. The main topic of our arguement was "I don't want to wait!!!". So bad that I didn't want to hear his concern and also didn't want to wake up at 6am in the morning anymore. The reason being that he's suck at organizing time, hence making me the last priority of his to-do list. Such arrangement would mean that I'll only be given attention at times past midnight. Guess we need more time to adjust.
Sorry dear I was being irrational yesterday. I know you have loads of work to do, and to prepare. I guess when I start working, my schedule will help to fill my mind too.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

wah lao eh... singaporian-culture shock!

I'm in Singapore now. Despite the infamous kiasu-nature of the entire nation, this trip allowed me to see Singapore from a student/ citizen point of view. Because I stay in the nation's uni's campus marh....

Singapore: IT'S SO SAFE HERE!! I know dad and mom will say that there are still bad hats everywhere.... But let's so a direct comparison here... If crime rates in Malaysia is 10/10; the UK is 5/10; then Singapore will be that of 2/10! First when I arrived, I was a little bit paranoid especially after being taught well by dad about what to be watchful of. But I started to see the campus girls LEAVING their bags on the seats of the canteen just for the sake of convenience. When a girl eats lunch at the stools, she'll leave the bag lying on the stool NEXT to her. When a guy wants to get another drinks from the stalls, he'll leave his laptop on the table while he casually leaves his belonging behind.

Malaysia: I won't even DARE to bring out my laptop in the canteen larh! Not to mention my bags will be the next closest fabric to me after my clothes.

Singapore: Apparently, jogging in the middle of the night is a norm here. So, me and WM jogged at 11pm. Haha... yepp! And then, we even went for supper at the PGP's snacks bar at 12.30am. That brought me back to the days in IMU, only more accessible and convenient.

Malaysia: I won't even DARE to drive so lately, quit dreaming about walking/jogging (jogging???!!!) at night! So we can cut the crap and comfortably justify my laziness when the daylight goes off (shit larh.. that's since 7pm!)

That's in the campus.. a little bit too idealistic larh. But yesterday night we had a night out with Kah Yat, WM's childhood buddy and Grace, Kah Yat's girlfriend, who are students at the NUS. They brought us out to Holland Village, the Bangsar-equivalent in Singapore. After some alcohol, we went to their "mamak" to have supper. He offered me to put my bag in a stool standing in the way of the passer-bys.

Malaysia: BYE BYE bag!!

I'm starting to get used to the culture here. But in the beginning, we (me and WM) kept exclaiming that we feel soooo darn cheated by, similarly by IMU, then me by University of Strathclyde, him by Univeristy of Dundee. I'm not surprised that the campus is so huge, as it's the best of the nation. But the good thing is that the university actually provided students with free shuttle services. Not sure about in UM in Malaysia though....

Another thing is the nation's English proficiency loh.... Yes larh it's very Singlish/Manglish larh, but even the aunty selling Katong Laksa can speak English to us. Similarly if I were to speak Manglish to the aunty selling char kuey teow in Taman Midah, I guess she'll decide not to sell me the noodles. Right Ming?

Still, I think i'm more "high-class" in Malaysia due to the ability to drive. I also appreciate the fact that the nation's complexity is directly proportional to the size. Ok loh.. (forcefully nodding) different rulers have different styles loh..... I can't say much for now because I'm counting on a good posting by the government. Malaysia, truly Asia!! I love you Malaysia!!