Wednesday, 15 October 2008

HKL medical checkup in 2hours

I'd actually finished the entire required process of both submitting X2 urine samples and taking chest x-ray within 2 hours in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). Amazing huh??!!

Well prepared, all in a bag: 1.5bottle (in case of dehydration); CLEO magazine (expected to last 2 hours); Last Empress (expected to last 1 hour, since almost finishing); The Kite Runner (backup in case have exhausted all light reading material); MP3; apple; Jacob's biscuit (in case kiasu-ism kicks in during lunch time); Polo mint.

I had expected for the worst when it comes to imagining how this day will turn out to be. That's because I was already equipped with all the bad impression about turning to ANY government hospitals for their services. But hey, I can't be blamed for this stereotypical impression, right? Not only I heard of this from other friends who were subjected to 4-5hours of waiting for a full set of body check up, but I was suggested this date (14th Oct) to do my check up when I called the hospital 5 weeks ago. Yes... 5 weeks. But surprisingly, the whole process was accomplished rather quickly: only 2 hours! I didn't even manage to finish my biscuit, nor to touch my mp3 at all! Not to mention not being able to touch both my novels at all, since I barely was able to flip through CLEO.
I started my day at 7am, and left the house at 7.15am. Afraid of the possibility of overcrowding, I aimed to reach HKL at 7.45am. However, the usual morning rush hour jam made me reach at 8.15am. With my ZERO knowledge of the directions in HKL, i walked from the infamous pink gynae block to the main block. Lucky for me, my doubts led me into the information department en route to the main block. The friendly lady-staff made my jaws dropped as she advised me to proceed to the orange building (Wisma Kayu) BEHIND the pink gynae block. i.e. I had to go back to where I started!!!! Without much concern in upholding my c.h.a.r.m... I said "huhhhhh!!!"
Well, look at the bright side, at least I'm now going to the right place. To my surprise, I was the 3rd patient at the Medical check-up department in Wisma Kayu. When I was done filling in all forms, it took another 5 minutes-waiting for my turn. I mean, I didn't even manage to flip open my CLEO!
Inside the room, there was a male officer waiting for me. As if I was the little-worm in his brain, he expected me to know that he was going to measure my height and weight. (!!!!) Feeling dumb, I went on. And again, as if I was living inside his brain, he expected me to know that he was going to test my eye side. (Come on man, communicate!) Conducted highly unprofessionally, he told me that it's time to change my contact lenses. OUCH!! When it came to testing my eyesight for colour blindness, he flipped the pages so fast that it was too soon for me to comprehend the alphabets! sigh... Glad I passed. Imagine if tiba-tiba he go say I'm "b.u.t.a. w.a.r.n.a.",how how how??
After that, the officer told me to prepare two urine samples: One for submission at the Medical check-up dep; while Another for submision back at the Main Block. (!!!!!!!!!) That was definitely another "HUUUUU!!" of the day. But, Thank god the chest x-ray was to be conducted in the Main Block too.
Oh yeah... I was THIS close to being naked, infront of 5 male and 1 female radiologists . *depression* The guys was comfortably standing in the radiographing-area when I came out of the dressing room in the white robe. From his body language, he was seriously clueless about my awkward-self! As if it's so difficult to guess la!
I'm just glad that I've got this done now. PHEW! In return, I rewarded myself with Connaught McD drivethru's ice cream!! Finished that before I reached home. *mmmmmmm* *burp!* YAY! (this close to being buta warna, and was told to change contact lenses)

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u..i nak much it cost to make medical check up kt hkl?